How does a Year 12 student reach the finish line?

1 November 2019

Are you a Parent with a Year 12 Student?

With the last day of school fast approaching for year 12 students,have you given thought to the impact of the high-pressure goals that these young people subscribe to and its impact on their future well-being? It is well researched that adolescents do not have the same ability to withstand adversity and cope with negative events and are more at risk of mental health issues. Students will set high expectations, in a hope to achieve that much sought after score. But anxiety and stress can be created if these expectations are unrealistic. As part of a recent study, I asked teenagers how they felt when they fail to achieve their objectives. Here are some responses: “I feel really disappointed in myself and ashamed to my parents” “I respond depending on how my parents react to my failure”

Are your children setting their goals effectively?

How are you supporting your child?