Sports Development and Peace Summit Online

8 April 2020

Around the world competitive sport has stopped.

Will sport as we know it now, be the same after isolation, or will it take on another form?

Sport teaches so many lessons from humanity through to competition. And like it or not, competition is part of our DNA. Competition is a necessary part of our everyday lives. After all, evolutionary theory tells us that even from the earliest days of our existence, every species is consistently engaged in a competitive struggle for life on earth. No different to the position we are in now.

The future needs both robust and courageous leaders with skills finely honed by competition.

I was so priviledge to join many of the top Sports influencers to discuss:

1. How to unite the Sports Industry together during this difficult time.
2. Enhance people's skillsets at home.
3. Promote the spirit of sports development & peace.