When Aiming Big Causes Panic

31 October 2019

Your goals and aspirations should scare you, which means you are going to experience pressure, but what happens when that pressure creates PANIC.

“I was hyperventilating, negative thoughts spinning through my head and absolutely exhausted when it was all over”.

We automatically assume pressure or fear is the problem, and we need to back off or quit. But pressure is normal when you are chasing something important to you.

The problem is the way we approach and deal with it.

When we try to suppress our feelings of pressure by telling ourselves we are okay or we aren’t feeling any, we only add to the issue.

Do you look at pressure as a threat or a challenge? By creating a challenge mindset and knowing the right mental skills to deal with this pressure, you will soon be back on track to achieve your goals.

If you would like a fact sheet on the mental skills needed to overcome panic please drop us a line.