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Fueled by Passion

We all strive to master the intangibles which will bring us success, but not many know how to effectively goal set to increase emotional well-being. This is when it is imperative to work with a high-performance expert to ensure you master your focus and protect your mental health. As a successful Olympic medal winning coach, Joanne has worked with many high-performance athletes, both in Australia and internationally, leading them to success while nurturing their wellbeing. She now devotes her time entirely to the growth and success of all, including students at all levels of education, coaches and business ex ecutives. Joanne has been featured in and contributed to numerous publications, incorporating both psychology, leadership and coaching, while also being featured as a regular guest speaker at many conferences, schools, universities and business organisations.

Our Team

Joanne Love


With over 25 years’ experience as a high-performance expert, Joanne knows what it takes to succeed in any environment. Joanne is passionate about helping others realise their full potential through the implementation of psychology and neuroscience. Joanne has worked with Schools, Athletes and Business Executives to achieve impressive outcomes. These include olympic potentials who have gone on to achieve high level success, including Olympic Gold and World Championship titles.

Joanne has successfully delivered her ground breaking programs and educational seminars in Australia and Internationally. Joanne has worked for the Australian High Commission, numerous private schools, international sporting organisations and individual Olympic champions.

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Pasquale Di Iorio

General Manager

When success must be guaranteed, experience matters. As a multi-award winning designer, Pasquale knows what it takes to get to the top. With over 25 years experience working with multi-faceted teams, and delivering projects for Prime Ministers of Australia to the Kings of Arabic countries. Pasquale takes great pride in being able to deliver innovative and productive solutions, as well as ensuring the needs and requirements of all clients and stakeholders are met.

Pasquale is passionate about fostering growth in our youth and has been at the forefront of our nations Education Revoluation, driving changes in the teaching curiculum and flexbility in school environment designs.

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