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Joanne is a true example of someone who has genuinely ‘been there and done that’.

Joanne is keenly sought to speak in the media. She has the ability to talk about many diverse subjects, delivering messages, tools and hope, developed from years of helping others achieve successful performance outcomes.

Research into Swimming Pools and COVID-19 - by Joanne Love

Swimming Pools and their operations are often a misunderstood environment. Through lack of knowledge and incorrect assumptions, decisions are being made that severely and negatively impact a highly regulated industry. Joanne has been instrumental in providing evidence based research and solutions about Covid-19 policies in the industry. Commission by Swimming Victoria, you can read her review "Exploring the Relationship Between Swimming Pools and COVID-19"

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September 2020 Swimming World
Passionate learn-to-swim advocate Laurie Lawrence and the Director of Learn To Swim Victoria, Joanne Love has joined the flight to breathe life into a drowning Victorian aquatics industry. Read more here:

18th September 2020 Triple M Radio
Joanne Love from Elite Performance Management talks about why some people never learn from their mistakes & how to stop being a repeat offender. Listen here:

July 2020 Triple M Albany Breakfast

While we often discuss our physical health with people in our lives, mental health is often forgotten or ignored. Joanne joins Anthony Tilli on air to discuss the importance on mental health in our lives, and the tools everyone should have to manage our mental health.

July 2020 ABC Gippsland

Mental health education has historically been forgotten about in the education system, despite statistics showing growing need for mental health services. Speaking to Bec Symons, Joanne discussed how schools can teach mental health skills for life.

July 2020 2CC Canberra Breakfast

To stay or go? As football season quickly approaches, many players are having to way up the risk of returning to training in the Covid-19 hotspots of major cities. Joanne discusses on air the decision of many to remain at home, and keep their families safe, and what this means for sport and the wider public.

July 13th 2020 94.7FM The Pulse Radio Geelong

Joanne Love spoke to The Pulse Radio's sport comentator about allegations of athlete abuse in sport, and how mental health is essential in getting the best results out of athletes.

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June 25th 2020 Swimming Victoria Article

Our Developing Young Leaders Program is always an important fixture on the Swimming Victoria calendar and this year even more so. With many swimmers out of the water and competitions suspended, there has never been a better time for our athletes to focus on their personal and professional development. Read more here:

May 8th 2020 Jane Anderson Podcast

I’m thrilled to share with you today this interview. Joanne Love is one of the most extraordinary experts in her field in particular around high performance. . Her expertise is in helping people build resilience and achieve a winning mindset to attain their goals. Click on the photo, or listen here:

April 13th 2020 Perth Tonight Interview

Joanne speaks with Radio Presenter Chris Ilsley about Australia’s modern sport culture and whether it needs to evolve to survive. Sport has changed from the golden age, but is it time for a new way of doing things? Click on the photo, or listen here:

August 22nd 2017 Sports Industry Access Podcast

Learn from today’s experts in the sports industry with The Sports Career Podcast, an interview series from, founder Ed Bowers. Joanne provides sports career guidance, tips, and advice tailored for university students & graduates who want to pursue a career in the sports. Listen here: