Gold Medal Goals

Do you ever set goals you never achieve? 

Have you ever looked back on past attempts to achieve something and ended up beating yourself up over the fact that you didn't achieve it? It's not because of a lack of time, energy or skills; It's because you have never been shown the way.


Gold Medal Goals will unleash your greatness within. You don't have to be a champion or even a competitive athlete to use this book. This is a guide for everyone because what you learn here will propel you to be the best version of yourself.


With the right mindset and the best strategies, you can achieve what you always thought was impossible.  


This book provides the gold medal strategies to break out of the past patterns of setting goals that may have hindered or harmed your mindset. So you can break through the barriers to your goal success. You will learn how to set goals that mean something to you in an easy and fun way!

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A book for all women who struggle with confidence and courage in the workplace.
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Many athletes are quick to blame the mental aspects on poor performance, but few know how to make those necessary changes. This book will teach you how to have the mind of a winner. You will learn about mindset, how to improve your self-confidence, and manage anxiety caused by pressure

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Champions are Made When the Stands are Empty

Coaches always hope that their athletes develop to their highest potential, both in competition and personally. After all the dedicated preparation and years of experience, it can still feel like success is a random outcome - controlled by circumstances outside of the pool.


In Joanne Love's book, Champions are Made When the Stands Are Empty, she combines her decades of coaching experience at the highest levels in multiple countries with her formal training in psychology to reduce or build on random outcomes for the coach, athlete and parents. Her practical approach has not only uncovered world class athletes, but it has fostered environments where athletes develop as people and can leverage swimming to deepen family relationships.


How often do athletes flounder for too long in programs which don't return results leaving everybody frustrated? How many truly talented individuals have strayed from sport because they weren't able to fit into a particular style?


This book is about arming coaches with simple, tested tools that allow coaches to regain control to achieve the highest performance. By focusing on the athlete holistically, both physically and psychologically, Joanne's approach can increase the likelihood that each person can reach their own potential.

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Win From Within: Coaches Guide (Kindle Edition)

A great start makes all the difference...

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This eBook will take your athletes' goal setting to a whole other level, helping you to holistically support your athletes, through methods that most coaches never learn. Your mentorship and influence won’t just be for their athletic career, but the remainder of their lives. You will celebrate their success, spreading positivity and motivation. That alone is reason to read.


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