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Small Steps to Real Results

Why Proactive Performance Australia?

Proactive Performance Australia, has a long history of helping young people set goals with proven results, and the added bonus of protecting their mental health.

  • We are the leaders in our field. We have developed a ground breaking program which is backed by research completed in conjunction with Monash University.
  • We have the Expertise - over 25 years working in the high-performance world. A deep awareness of knowledge and great insight in this subject. A well designed Strategy, that provides a proven plan for change.
  • We are working to safe-guard our childrens future well-being.
  • Our program has been tried and proven, firstly in the Olympic environment and now being implement into the Education sphere.

The Power to Change Your Results 

Goal Setting Indicator

The journey to reach your goals far exceeds the goal itself.


Goals affect a young persons achievement behaviours, swaying their thoughts, feelings and future decisions. Goals are free, it is how you use them that may cost you. With new research finding a link between poorly organised goals and poor well-being. It is vitally important, that all students know how to set goals effectively. Our tests are designed to be completed individually, or in a select group environment. This allows us to provide you with a written report about the students goal setting effectiveness.

Foundations to Success Seminar 

This seminar will provide you with strategies that can be implemented immediately.

It will equip both your students and their support network (Parents and Teachers) with the skills to:

  • Improve goal setting techniques for greater success.
  • Learn about neuroscience to effectively promote commitment and motivation, so they stay focussed on their goals
  • Learn habits to promote better performance outcomes.

Learn how to take control and improve your results today!

Win from Within 

From our research we have formulated a program that helps students to:

  • Discover goals which will motivate them everyday.
  • Introduce techniques to stay commited to their goals, regardless of external pressures.
  • Create well designed scaffolding to drive their success
  • Learn how to use neuroscience to trigger the positive responses for continued growth.

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